To Become Miss Jamaica Florida 

To Apply

TO PARTICIPATE AS A CONTESTANT in the next Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant  requires a commitment to self-development and the mission of the Pageant Directors. Our program is designed to be a celebration of arts, culture and diversity. It is designed to be an excellent vehicle for advancing your career and personal goals. 

During the pageant, participants will enhance the depth of their cultural awareness and entertain and enlighten the audience as they use music, dance and theatre towards each year’s annual theme.  There are four phases of competition: preliminary (private) interview, creative expression (talent), formal wear, and the on-stage interview.  Contestants will also have the opportunity to participate in optional Miss Photogentic, People's Choice, and Miss Cover Girl competitions. There are no refunds on any fees with the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant.

Pageant Preparation and Coaching


As a contestant in the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant, each young lady will participate in a series of personal development workshops, pageant training and rehearsals.  Our pageant staff will offer training in voice projection, stage presence and  deportment, talent and areas related to personal development; including ettiquete, make up application, health and wellness . This enhances the participant’s self-assurance, overall experience and provides opportunities for friendships to emerge. 

Contestants are expected to attend a series of workshops and rehearsals that will focus on their preparation for the competition, personal development and social graces. Additionally, contestants will be invited to promotional appearances and events and are expected to serve as representatives of the pageant and their executive sponsor.  

Following their crowning, winners will serve as a brand ambassador for the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization and will dedicate their reign to promoting their individual platforms of community service, social awareness and the empowerment of the young women.

Miss Jamaica Florida 


The Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant is open to young women (ages 5-26) living in South Florida and eager to promote awareness of the Jamaican culture. To compete, interested participants must: 


  • Be between the ages of 5 and 26

    • Little Miss (5 -8)

    • Junior Miss (9-12)

    • Miss Teen (13-17)

    • Miss (18-21)

    • Ms. (22-26)

  • Be unmarried and never have been married.

  • Be without a child from birth or pregnant.

  • Reside in the South Florida.

  • Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization.

  • Be enrolled in a local post-secondary educational institution 

  • Meet the financial obligations as set forth by the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization.

  • Be in good academic standing with their current educational institution.

  • Be in reasonably good health to meet the titleholder requirements.

  • Be able to meet the time commitment and  responsibilities as set forth by the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization

Miss Jamaica Florida 


BECOMING MISS JAMAICA FLORIDA: Pageant winners must participate in all functions and events associated with the pageant during their 1 year reign. This may include but is not limited to performances, interviews, social and community service events, parades and other pageants.  One of the responsibilities of the Miss Jamaica Florida title holder is to serve as a community representative of the Jamaican Diaspora. Title holders are required to make themselves available for scheduled appearances locally and abroad. Appearances will be scheduled by the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization and will be chaperoned by a Miss Jamaica Florida staff member. Pageant winners are required to secure approved opportunities for community involvement. Winners must attend the subsequent year’s pageant to crown new Miss Jamaica Florida. During their reign, pageant winners are not allowed to enter or compete in other pageants. Winners are not permitted to represent the title of Miss Jamaica Florida at any event without written content from the directors of the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organization. Winners are not allowed to collect royalties derived from use of the Miss Jamaica Florida title or gain advantage without the written consent of the pageant’s directors. Failure to fulfill her duties as outlined in the Winner's contract may result in the revocation of title and prizes which will subsequently be awarded to the individual with the next highest score in the respective age category. This decision is at the discretion of the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant Organizers.